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What you can do

What you can do

If you are concerned about the consequences of mass immigration on our country and on the environment we are leaving to future generations, you are encouraged to take action. Specifically, this action must be focused on our administration and on Congress who are ignoring existing laws on illegal immigration and are effectively promoting unending U.S. population growth through both legal and illegal immigration. Here's what you can do:

Read and pass Frosty's action letter on to others.

Sign up with www.NumbersUSA.com. They have an excellent presentation of how we got into the demographic trap we are in. You can send faxes to Congress for free!

Call and write your U.S. Representative and Senators. See www.congress.org to find out who your Representatives and Senators are. See www.betterimmigration.org for report cards showing how they voted on immigration issues. See CUSP for a comprehensive Congressional environmental scorecard.

Participate in the Minuteman Project to help defend America's borders. Here is more information about the Minuteman Project.

Bumper stickers! Please contact Frosty to obtain an overpopulation / immigration reduction bumper sticker.

"All politics is local" - Tip O'Neill Request your state legislators pass legislation that will promote sustainability and national security. Frosty's home state of Colorado passed a law making it illegal to accept non-secure IDs such as the Mexican Matricula Consular card. Here's more detailed information.

Contact your favorite environmental organization and insist that they deal with the root cause of our environmental destruction - immigration-driven population growth. See SUSPS, a network of Sierra Club members working to return the Sierra Club to a sound U.S. population policy.

If you have thoughts on an article you would like to write but need a little guidance, contact Frosty who will be glad to co-author an article.

Read and learn more about the problems of overpopulation and mass immigration. See the recommended reading list.

Frosty is available to speak on the important issues facing our country. Please contact Frosty for more information.

Financial Support Opportunities: For anyone who doesn't have the time but would like to support these efforts, your aid will help in the following categories:

$20.00 provides stamps for two weeks for mailings. $35.00 sends Frosty to a Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis and city council meetings with handouts.