The Titanic and the United States
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Speaking engagements

Arrange for Frosty to give his population presentation to your organization.

Frosty Wooldridge is available for speaking engagements around the United States and internationally. He addresses growing problems via immigration and overpopulation with statements concerning diseases, crime, drugs, loss of national identity, loss of standard of living, loss of quality of life, sprawl, global warming, collapsing ecosystems, species extinction, pollution, loss of cropland, water crisis and food shortages. He is a highly dynamic speaker who uses humor, compassion and compelling information to move audiences to action. He accompanies his speeches with a compelling slide show with pictures from around the world. Wooldridge takes questions and gives answers. He has spoken on TV, radio and to live audiences from California, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Washington, DC, to Ottawa, Canada and Santiago, and Chile.

Frosty's Main Presentation: Coming Population Crisis for America and What You Can Do About It

The USA will double its population from 300 million to over 600 million sometime past mid century. It will add 100 million within 33 years by 2040. Demographic predictions show Colorado adds five million people to the Front Range in the next 50 years. California will add 20 million within the next 30 years. Texas will add 12 million by 2025. We are creating an irreversible crisis with unsolvable problems for our children.

"The problems in the world today are so enormous they cannot be solved with the level of thinking that created them." Einstein

Frosty Wooldridge, former Colorado teacher, has bicycled 100,000 miles on six continents and six times across the United States coast to coast in the past 30 years. He has seen the crisis of overpopulation in Mexico, China, Bangladesh, India and South America.

He presents a clear picture of the future for America if we continue on this Titanic-like course while offering solutions that stand in line with Einstein's appreciation for stepping out of the box. Wooldridge began as a teacher in Brighton, Colorado since 1973 and is the author of seven books. He presents a powerful and compelling program to all audiences laced with humor, compassion and sense of optimism. Wooldridge has been a guest on hundreds of radio and TV programs across the United States.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "We must prevent human tragedy rather than run around trying to save ourselves after an event has already occurred. Unfortunately, history clearly shows that we arrive at catastrophe by failing to meet the situation, by failing to act when we should have acted. The opportunity passes us by and the next disaster is always more difficult and compounded than the last one."

Wooldridge hands out information whereby every person in the audience may take action on a personal level to ensure a viable future for Colorado, our children and the United States.

References available upon request.

Radio Shows

Frosty has spoken on numerous radio stations: the Ken Hamblin Show, Terry Anderson Show in Los Angeles, Dave Ross in Seattle, Vern Kaspar in Indiana and Missouri, Idaho, Michigan, Vermont, Ohio and many more, including the following radio shows:

Terry Anderson Talk Radio, Los Angeles, California; two times as invited guest.
Chuck Baker Show in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Zeb Bell, Zeb At The Ranch Show, Idaho.
The Byte Show, TheByteShow.com, series of 12 interviews with GeorgeAnn Hughes.
Jason Clark and Company, WCWA 1230 AM, Holland, Ohio; invited guest.
Mark Edwards, KDWN, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Lou Epton, KLAV 1230 AM, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Barry Farber Show in Baltimore, Maryland.
Terry Gilberg Show, KXEM 1010 AM, Phoenix, Arizona.
Bob Grant Show WOR 710, New York City, New York.
Ken Hamblin Show, Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado, KLMO AM 1060; three times as invited guest.
Ernest Hancock Show in Phoenix, Arizona.
Hot Talk Show in New Orleans, Louisana.
Jerry's Talk Show, WFAD AM, Middlebourough, Vermont; invited guest.
Vern Kaspar, Indiana, Tennessee, and Missouri; twice as invited guest.
Lee Klein Talk Radio, Los Angeles, California; invited guest.
Davis Lurmann Show in Maryland.
Tom Mar Talk Radio, WCBM, AM 680, Baltimore, Maryland; invited guest.
Marc Miranda Radio Talk, KXAM AM radio; invited guest.
Phil Paleogolos Diner Show, KFMB AM 760 East Coast; invited guest.
George Putnam Talk Back, KPLS AM 830, Los Angeles, California; nine times as invited guest.
Jeff Rense Show.
Dave Ross Show, 710 KIRO AM, Seattle, Washington; invited guest.
Ken Sasser Show KHOW in Denver, Colorado.
Barbara Jean Whitely, K-TALK 630 AM, series, Born on the 4th of July.
Show, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Please contact Frosty to arrange a speaking engagement or a radio/TV appearance.