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Illegal Aliens Spreading Diseases Across USA

Article by Frosty Wooldridge

November 12, 2003

If you travel into the Third World such as Mexico, Central and South America, you will notice that while visiting a bathroom there is a box for used toilet paper in the corner and no soap or paper towels at the lavatory. The sewage systems cannot handle toilet paper so it is a habit to throw it in the box provided which is open to flies and cockroaches. Additionally, for most Third World people, washing hands is non existent. Today, in California, Florida, Georgia and spreading to other states across the nation, recent arrivals are so accustomed to throwing their used toilet paper into boxes, they throw it into trash cans. Whether they work at the counter or chopping tomatoes, they often do not wash their hands. Thousands carry head lice, leprosy, tuberculosis and hepatitis A, B, and C.

Annually, an estimated 800,000 illegal aliens cross America's southern borders while avoiding a health screening. They are not stopped or vaccinated for a host of diseases they're bringing into America. Who is at risk? Everyone, but especially our school children when they come in contact with in-excess of three million illegal alien school children daily. What can those three million kids unknowingly transfer to our kids?

Tuberculosis, five years ago, was almost non-existent in the USA. Last week, a school in Sebewaing, Michigan reported 30 children and four teachers had tested positive for tuberculosis infections. Michigan supports a large Latin illegal alien population that migrated from Mexico. In the past four years, 16,000 cases of multi drug resistant (MDR) TB, which was formerly endemic ONLY to Mexico, crossed over the borders inside the bodies of illegal aliens. These adults and their children have spread out across the country to work in fast foods and harvesting. Another outbreak occurred in Austin, Minnesota where eight police officers tested positive for tuberculosis. A similar outbreak occurred in Portland, Maine last week with 28 testing positive for tuberculosis.

On November 6, 2003, at a local restaurant chain, Chi-Chi's in Beaver Valley, Pennsylvania, unscreened employees 'served' up plates of infectious hepatitis A to their patrons. Over 3,000 had to receive the painful gammaglobulin shots while two Americans died. Health officials reported, "Workers may have contaminated food by failure to follow basic hygiene in cleaning hands after using the bathroom." The employees were not health screened by the restaurant chain.

Another distressing disease, leprosy, long feared from Biblical times, totaled 900 cases in the USA in the past 40 years. In the past three years, according to a report from the NY Times in February, 2003, leprosy has infected over 7,000 people in the United States. It was brought in by illegal immigrants from India, Brazil, Mexico and the Caribbean. Leprosy spreads by infected illegal aliens working in fast food, dish washing and hotels.

Chagas Disease is brought directly from Mexico and Latin America where it has infected over 18,000,000 people. The T-Cruzi protozoan destroys heart tissue and other organs. "One can contract it by eating uncooked food contaminated with infective feces of the Vinchuca Bug. It crosses over the border in the bodies of an average of 2,200 illegal aliens daily. Whether it's dengue fever, now in Florida, Hemmorhagic Fever coming up from Texas border towns or E-coli intestinal parasites arriving with illegal aliens from Mexico daily, every American citizen is under a form of 'Bio Terrorism'. Tom Ridge of Homeland Security presents Americans with color coded 'alert' levels from Al Queda, but what he doesn't protect us from is a mounting invasion from an 'unarmed army' of disease carrying illegals who are becoming just as deadly as 9/11.

What can you do as a citizen? The first and most powerful defense for America would be a five-year moratorium on all immigration so this country can regain its collective breath. Our hospitals, schools and social services are being overwhelmed by an average of 2.3 million legal, illegal immigrants and their offspring each year. Too often, individual Americans neglect to exercise their citizenship. You must demand that each restaurant that you visit hires only legal American, health-screened employees. You must demand your schools examine and process every illegal alien child for head lice, TB and leprosy on a regular basis. You must press your senators, congressmen and president to put troops on our border with Mexico to stop illegal aliens from crossing. You must insist that anyone hiring illegal aliens be fined and imprisoned. Remember the Boston Tea Party? The Alamo? When their leaders did not act in their behalf, average citizens acted in defense of their country. It's time, once again, for American citizens to stand up for our country, our way of life and our kids.

Finally, you need to visit your schools, write your papers, call your TV stations, talk on radio stations and city councils to bring a discussion, debate and action as to why corporations, industry and government continue flooding our country with millions of illegal aliens who carry these deadly diseases. It's your country, your kids and the future of this democracy that are at stake.

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