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Illegal Alien Sanctuary: Your State is Next!

Article by Frosty Wooldridge

February 19, 2004

Maine is one signature away from becoming the first ‘ILLEGAL ALIEN SANCTUARY STATE’ in America. Immigration lawyers supporting illegal aliens are pushing Governor Baldacci to sign an executive order that will stop state agencies from questioning a person’s immigration status.

More distressing is the fact that all major newspapers in Maine are owned by the same family. That family favors illegal immigration. Therefore, this executive order is being shoved down citizens’ throats while they sleep. A spokeswoman said, “They are working so fast and quietly to leave this a ‘done deed’ before word of the sell-out can hit the national headlines.”

Maine’s growing illegal alien population is represented by El Centro Latino, Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, Asian American Heritage and other groups working to ensure illegal aliens continue unimpeded in that state.

Even more unsettling is the title of the order: ‘AN ORDER REGARDING INQUIRIES INTO IMMIGRATION STATUS’. It reads, “I, John E. Baldacci, Governor of the State of Maine, do hereby order that no State agencies question any person about his or her immigration status and engage in any activities for the purpose of ascertaining the immigration status of any person.” Much like Special Order 40, created in Los Angeles in 1979 by Daryl Gates to stop officers from ascertaining immigration status from people they caught for crimes, Maine will be the first state to give protection to illegal aliens.

It counters federal immigration laws, USC 8, 1325, sections 274, 276, 277 and other statutes. It is a federal crime to “aid, abet, assist, encourage or induce an illegal alien to remain in the United States.” This is what the governor and representatives of Maine will force down citizens’ throats like a ‘fait accompli’ or ‘done before you knew what hit you.”

This is an example of the loss of the rule-of-law. It’s further example of ‘Third World Momentum’ overwhelming the United States. Illegal immigration advocacy groups grow in power with each new victory.

It’s abhorrent that Americans must fight for their own country inside their own country. The dangers to the nation increase everywhere in America if Maine fails to identify, detain and deport illegal aliens. If Maine passes this order, we’re all at risk. It means Tom Ridge’s Homeland Security is a vacant farce not only on the Mexican border but also on the Maine border.

Al-Qaeda waited patiently for eight years from the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 to the second one on 9/11/01. You must understand that religion’s eternal patience. “Allah akbar” to them means, “God is great.” When you hear those words, kiss the ground because a bomb is about to go off. They also know their patience will bring about a ‘lull’ in our vigilance. For every opening you give them—such as more ways to embed themselves in America via the sanctuary being proposed in Maine—the more you give them the power to carry out their Jihad. As we rest, they plan. As our leaders pretend to protect us, they smile. As our government sallies forth in battle across the planet, members of Jihad grow in strength within our country. They are patient and they give no quarter.

However, there’s another Jihad advancing into America. It’s an insidious invasion of refugees from around the world that comes from an endless line from the lack of family planning. The source grows by 80 million people annually. It can’t stop itself because it stems from illiteracy. It’s advancing on our country without mercy and without end. I’ve seen it and my heart goes out to them. It’s rampant in Africa. It’s sickeningly awful in South America. It’s horrible in the Middle East. Mexico is in its clutches. It’s streaming into Europe. It’s beyond emotional comprehension in Bangladesh and India. China’s 1.3 billion is beyond understanding. It enslaves them in never ending disease, poverty, hopelessness and misery. Worse, it won’t get better; it will worsen.

It’s headed into America. Day by day, week by week, immigrant by immigrant! The governor of Maine has no clue as to what he’s bringing upon his state. He possesses good intentions but Maine will be swamped by this invasion with an added five million people within 50 years. He doesn’t understand 20 years from now how much damage he will have wrought on his fellow Maniacs—and assuredly in time, the rest of the United States.

This country is in more trouble than it realizes. The more we stand by with good intentions, the more they will come. The more we allow, the more they will grow. The more we encourage, the more they will stream across our borders—until, one day, we will become what they have fled. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great nations rise and fall, and that, “An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.”